Folio WordPress Theme

A free minimal & responsive portfolio theme ideal for graphic designers or photographers.


Published: 196 days ago

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  • Shaun Meilak

    Great theme! I’ll definitely be using it for my personal portfolio! Keep up the great work!

    • Eleven Themes

      Thanks Shaun, post a link back here when your new site’s live! 

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  • A C

    Love the responsive theme but it appears to only be for the main page.  Once you click on a post, you will run into horizontal scrolling.  Hopefully this will be fixed in the next version.

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi AC, The responsive stylesheet for posts works great on mobile / iPhone.

      Are you getting horizontal scrolling on an iPad in portrait orientation ? We can introduce a fix for this!

  • paul

    Looks great, thanks for creating it (and giving it away)! :)

    The one comment I have is maybe the width of each column should be adjusted a little. When running the 3 most common monitor resolution widths (1024, 1280, 1680) you end up with a large gap on the right side. If the columns were just a little wider or a little more narrow, it would take care of this.

    • Eleven Themes

      Hey Paul, Good point - we’ve discussed this in house & we’ll discuss it some more !

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  • Craig Dearden

    Looks fabby - I’ve got it on my blog already - however - I can’t seem to get the top menu working right… it just automatically defaults to one of my created menu’s, it won’t allow me to change it in the menu’s section..

    • Eleven Themes

      Hey Craig, you should be able to set which 3.0 menu you’d like to use as the ‘Main menu’.

      Contact us via the contact form if you need some help !

      • Craig Dearden

        Did you get my contact form message?

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  • Raja Ram Paneru

    Great job.

  • Mark Mann

    love your plugin..
    anyway you tell me hoe to choose a custom background color

    • Eleven Themes

      Thanks Mark, we suggest you edit the custom.css file, then set the color scheme to ‘custom’.

  • Mark Mann

    /* colour styles : custom  */
      body  { background:#000000;  font-size:12px; line-height:20px;  font-family: ‘Droid Sans’, sans-serif;   }
      #wrap { width:94%; margin-left:3%;}

    tried this but still was gray instead of black.. sorry im new to all this..

  • Superfetz

    Beautiful theme and I like the simplicity so much! Thanks for sharing this!!

    Do you provide a little start guide for the theme? I’m having problems placing images in each post now without showing the featured image on the post-page. I used ‘Add Media’ in the editor.

    Heeeelp :-)

    • Eleven Themes

      Hey Superfetz, good idea about the starter guide, can you send us some more info on what you’d like to do using this form : and we’ll try to help! 

  • Francesco

    Thanks for the wonderful theme but I didn’t understand how to add text in single post and show it in home page. I tried in add text in single post but still not see it in home page.

    • Eleven Themes

      Hey Francesco, you can use the excerpt to add this text !

      If you don’t see it when your editing a post switch it on in ‘screen options’

  • dennis

    Great One! Its a really nice theme, i almost cant believe its for free ;)

    I got a problem with the page-navi? i see this “view older entries” but once i clicked it i can’t go back cause there is no “view newer entries” button. Maybe you could tell me whats my fault?

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Dennis, if your still having trouble with this please use this form: 

  • Guy Cohen

    sorry for the ignorance ,but how do i activate this theme,just upload it to my serverses and that’s it,no connection to wordpress or it comes with wordpress system inside the zip?

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Guy, you’ll nee to download WordPress from here first 

  • beebee

    Hey, how can I install the summary image???

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Beebee, we’re using Featured Images… to create those summary images for each post.

      • beebee

        Woow, thank you so much! I’ll post my finished website …
        Thanks for your quick help!

  • Anonymous

    Hello and thank you for a wonderful theme,
    There are couple of things though that I would like to point though, if I may.

    1. I don’t think the theme supports drop down menus. That would be great.!!!
    2. under Gridly options when pressed on Color Scheme-> custom nothing shows up (on my safari). Am I missing something?
    3. I think the theme is NOT ready for internationalization. That would be great as well. :)
    4. When I used  Theme Check on it , these messages showed up:
    REQUIRED: Could not find comment_form. See: comment_form RECOMMENDED: Text domain problems in functions.php. You have not included a text domain!Line 47: register_nav_menu( ‘main_nav’, __( ‘Main Menu’ ) );RECOMMENDED: No reference to add_editor_style() was found in the theme. It is recommended that the theme implement editor styling, so as to make the editor content match the resulting post output in the theme, for a better user experience.RECOMMENDED: No reference to add_custom_image_header was found in the theme. It is recommended that the theme implement this functionality if using an image for the header.RECOMMENDED: No reference to add_custom_background() was found in the theme. If the theme uses background images or solid colors for the background, then it is recommended that the theme implement this functionality.RECOMMENDED: Tags: is either empty or missing in style.css header.I am only giving these issues in public because I do L-O-V-E the theme and think it can be improved and become a awesome one.Thank you for your time and efforts.

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Raloudaki, No problems - glad you like the theme.

      Thanks for your points - we’re aware of each & we’ll work to address them in future updates!

  • Mel

    Hi, this theme is amazing! Just one question though, how do I set the summary excerpt of the posts on the home page? WordPress newbie here so your hel[ will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    • clem

      I have the same problem… Thanks for this theme

      • Eleven Themes

        Hi Clem & Mel, Thanks for your feedback !
        To have excerpt text on the summary pages - you need to edit your post, scroll down & if you don’t see the excerpt field then go to screen options at the top and tick the box !

        • clem

           It works ! Thanks a lot

  • Syaefullah Kamal

    i’m using wp 3.3.1 In menu creating dialog, WordPress says: “Your theme supports 1 menu. Select which menu you would like to use..”
    Why is that so?

    • Eleven Themes

      You need to select the menu you’d like to use as the ‘main menu’. 

      You can have other menus and add these using widgets if you like. 

      • Syaefullah Kamal


  • Chris

    Todays common term would be a pInterest theme. :o )  Looks good.

  • Qasim

    Really nice and beautiful theme… Reminds me of pinterest!

  • dustin

    Thank you for this nice puristic theme.

    Is there a way to center the post overview on the main page and how to change the posts preview size -  so i have four rows on 1280×800 or three without the gap on the right?

    Thank you for your time and efforts!

    • Eleven Themes

      Hey Dustin,

      That can’t be done with the options although you may be able to find a a web developer in your area that can help you achieve this !

  • Anonymous

    Great theme! How do you set how many posts should appear on the main page? Your demo shows 11, but I only get 7 & I’m not sure where to change it. 

    I’d like to edit the css as well—change link colours etc—but the stylesheet.css doesn’t seem to have any css in it to edit. Am I missing something? Thanks so much!

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Erica, 

      1. The number of posts on your page is under Settings -> Reading2. Please copy the light or dark styles into the custom stylesheet & edit away! 3. The stacking issue could be caused by the twitter plugin - we can’t resolve this one

      • Anonymous

        Thanks! Removing the Twitter widget from the main page display did indeed fix it.

        I can’t find where you copy light or dark styles from. There’s no style sheet in the editor called ‘light.css’ or anything; the only place they’re accessible as far as I can find is in the Gridly settings dropdown. Where can I find their css?

  • Anonymous

    Another problem I’m having is that the few posts that are stacked on top of each other on the main page run right into each other. See:

  • Devika Nimbalkar

    Hi, I downloaded the Gridly theme, but the stylesheet.css doesn’t have any css in it. Can I get some help  for this? Thanks! 

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Devika, Please copy either the light or dark styles into the custom stylesheet & edit away!

  • Salvatore Calanchina

    Hi, I’m just starting to use this fantastic theme, but I need to make it in 3 languages. I’m using the polylang plug-in and it works just fine for most of things, but not for the “view more”, comment sections, and “View Older Entries” sections. Can you give me any help for modifying that??

  • Fox_min

    Thanks for the theme,so beautiful! I have add images but not show it in home page. The lack of any plugins? 

    • Fox_min

      Sorry,I have found the “Featured Images”.

  • Ejunyor

    any video support (vimeo or Youtube)

  • Chit


    let me ask which image size is best result with this theme. pictures in posts, featured images from posts, etc… I really like to use this theme. love it…

    • miro

       with me 310×310 px works ok for messageposts

  • The PC Samurai

    The agency theme doesnt seem to be free. :( .

  • IceThemes

    Loving this theme guys so clean and minimal, fantastic work and wont be long now until you are celebrating 6000 downloads

  • Xinfeng Gao

    I like it.

  • Nieki

    Thanks for this amazing theme! I have one question, which font(s) is/are used? Thanks a lot!

  • Ryan Moeck

    Hey Great theme! Question: Is there a way to have two separate posts page? One for a work/portfolio section and one for a running blog? 

  • Erik Goldhar

    Hi I a getting a broken background image on my post pages - RE: and dark background setting is not kicking in on post page - see top left corner.


  • Nutrawee

    Thank you very much for a very nice grid theme :)

  • Prodyot

    Very beautiful template.
    It can be used for many other purposes from other than any photography related use.
    Thanks for the free download offer.

  • PVC-Profile

    Thank you for top articles

  • karei

    An awesome template. It’s working as our new website quite nicely!
    Just had a quick question.
    I’ve been trying to have 2 columns and add a sidebar to the main page but cannot figure out how.
    It’d be great if someone give me a tip…
    Thanks in advance!

    • Eleven Themes

      HI Karei, The theme is not set up to have sidebars like that although you might be able to find a WordPress developer that can do this for you. 

  • Alex Pylov

    Great WP theme but I can’t understand how to make design similar to Gridly Demo site. Images on the main page not displayed - only title of the post and text.  For example, I’ve posted photo and additional text. As I know, on the main page it should looks as image of 310px width (and of variable height) with title and text below.
    Should I install some additional plugins (gallery plugins?) for normal work of Gridly?
    Thank you and sorry for my French.

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Alex, 

      The Thumbnail images are powered by the ‘featured image’ for each post. 

  • Eleven Themes

    Hi Nieki, We’re using the ‘Droid Sans’ font from Google Fonts & a couple of other default fonts. 

  • Eleven Themes

    Hi PC samurai, we only have 2 themes at the moment (Gridly & Stubmlr), both a free. 

  • Davide

    Hi all, i try to use your theme but I can’t create some pages like the demo. Such as manage posts and images posted on the home?how can I fit the image in a box like in the about me?many thanks

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Davide, 

      The large & thumbnail images are powered by ‘featured image’ for each post.
      See : 

      • Alex Pylov

        YES! Thanks a lot!

      • Davide

        Thanks a lot!
        just another question, how i can publish my post in a page like “home”?
        where i define this information?

    • Alex Pylov

      Same problems, dude. Maybe Gridly not fully compatible with a newest WP?

  • Davide

    Thanks a lot!
    just another question, how i can publish my post in a page like “home”?
    where i define this information? 

  • Tobias

    Hello, I have a problem with the preview text on the main page under the date. This does not appear, although I use the more button to create products. Why this is not Displayed? Thank you

    • Paul Bray Ouano

      I emailed support to ask this same question and this is the reply I got: ”
      That’s called the excerpt - if you don’t see it when you edit a post go to Screen Options and tick it on! - Aaron Rutley”

      • Tobias

         Ah, that I have overlooked it. Thank you, still want a nice week.

  • Santeugi

    Hi, I’m using this great great theme you created. Really love it. The only question I have is, why can’t I edit the CSS file? there’s just one CSS file “style.css” where is this CSS loaded from? Thx

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Santenugi, 

      The css files are found in the folder called CSS - you’ll need to one on your computer and upload it with a FTP program. I think you’ll be able to edit these files from the dashboard in WP 3.4.

  • yy h

    Thanks for this beautiful theme!  I have a problem with the “summary-image”. How can i use gif image as “gridly-image”.
    When i upload a “**.gif” picture, it doesn’t work.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Eleven Themes

      If your still having trouble please send over an email & we’ll try to help !

  • Alex Pylov

    Have a question. Where I can edit main menu font-size? My site, powered by Gridly Theme is here

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Alex, Glad you solved it, your site looks great !

      • Alex Pylov

        it’s because “Gridly Theme” is cool!

  • Rovdurs

    any possibility to get the custom stylesheet in a url?

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Rovdurs, you can find the custom css file in the css folder. 

  • Zeendrome

    Hi guys! I pray to all gods of internets for your well-being, this theme is awesome! However I’d like to ask you is it possible to remove thumbnails when you go to specific post? 

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Zeendrome, Thanks! At the moment the theme’s it’s not setup for this.  

    • Guilherme

      This function would be very helpful for me too, because when I add a youtube video I want to leave an image showing in the index, but do not want the image to appear in the post, only the video.

  • rioseco

    Nice theme guys!.. But, I don’t know how can I use the “more” text… I have tried, and nothing happens =(

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Rioseco, to do this you need to add ‘excerpt’ text to each post.

      If you don’t see the box when you edit a post, go to screen options & switch it on ! 

  • Manish

     Hi, can you please tell me how i can change the menu size in the css . please give me a hint what code to change in css, i will manage.. thanks

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Manish, look for #nav in the CSS files.

      • Manish

         hello, thanks but i am still having problem.. since i am using light option, i have changed  light.css , i have changed font-size from 12 to 16 in #nav ul li          { float: left;  display: inline;  font-size: 16px;

        but this did not change anything, what i am doing wrong please?

  • Alvin Ibnu Nasikhin

    Thx for great theme. But can I ask something. In demo there are some summary each post (I think  that’s excerpt) but when I use in my offline blog (I wanna use it online), it only show the “View More”, how can I fix it?

  • Alvin Ibnu Nasikhin

    ^_^ problem fixed, just adding “2″ before “0″ in function.php, thx for gud work.

  • Jorge_bonet

    How to change the favicon?

  • abstravelvn

    so beautiful, how to post a article with image appearing in home page

  • Lane Lester

    I believe this theme is going to do the job for my daughter’s new glass creations business. The big advantage over some other responsive portfolio types is the way it works with pictures of varying aspect ratios. The other themes didn’t.

    I also appreciate that you will provide some support for your free themes. I’ll try not to be abusive. :-)

    BTW, you need to do something about the Facebook snippet. It has a critical comment and is not helpful.

  • Victoria Allsins

    the drop down menu is not working :(

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Victoria, The theme doesn’t support drop downs at the moment

  • Matt

    Dropdown menus aren’t working. Any suggestions?

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Matt, The theme doesn’t support drop downs at the moment

      • Matt

        Will it eventually?

  • gene_pinefield

    Hi, Eleven Themes producer.
    Can I control number of posts more 10?
    I would like to change displaying endless, keeping footer like Facebook.

  • Darren T.

    The post images are huge, is that by default or easy to change?

  • Ortega Alducin

    hi! nice theme.. how can i show the summary of the text im writing in the home menu? it only says read more. Thanks man… great theme!!!

  • Ortega Alducin

    Problem solved! Adding a 2 before 0 in the Theme Functions. Thanks a lot!!

  • David Diliberto

    Fantastic job guys! Quick question. Where can i change the default size of the ‘featured image’?

    • Eleven Themes

      Hey David, 

      You can change this in functions.php but you’ll also need to make a few changes to the CSS.

  • Stephen Wang

    A very beautiful theme without sacrificing aspect ratio of all images. It does a great job for my web site except for one thing. I want to change color scheme or background to pure white. Is it possible to be done by adding a few lines of codes?

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Stephen, Yes you can by editing the css files found in the css folder. 

      • Stephen

        The background color is already set to #FFF in  /* post and page styles */. It looks like white color background to me. I’m not familiar with CSS editing. Is there any color code that I can change? Thanks  

        • Stephen Wang

          I figured it out already. It’s in the beginning of html ‘body’. I may change color code in ‘background’ to whatever I like. Thanks 

  • David Kemner

     Love the theme, but one thing… I’d like to have four columns of posts showing like you have in your demo. I only have 3. What and where do I exactly edit the code in the .css file? What am I looking for here? I tried reducing the  #post-area .post width but that didn’t work. Thanks!

    • jay kanakiya

      Reduce the margin-left in #wrap to 2% and the width to 98%
      I have done it in

  • Yezing

    Why do not display pictures

  • waldi

    Download doesn’t work

  • jay kanakiya

    I have used advanced excerpt wordpress theme works great

  • jay kanakiya

    It its in the reading setting of wordpress the number of the posts to show

  • jay kanakiya

    set a featured image in the post

  • jay kanakiya

    Use the advanced excerpt worked for me

  • jay kanakiya

    I am having problems with the menu … only one menu option is being displayed..
    please suggest me a solution

  • Globalmi

    Love your theme but it wouldn’t download. 

  • Jocuri Mario

    wow: very nice :P

  • Wiktor Malinowski

    Hi there, I’ve some problem on my gridly site

    jQuery isn’t working. Posts are floating badly and i don’t have any animation when resizing the window.

    I’m using 3.4 by the way. help pls !

    • Wiktor Malinowski

      I’ve received feedback from eleventhemes.

      If anyone will have the same problem turn off Your slimbox or lightbox jquery plugins, and it will work perfect :)

  • D-Lux

    Is there a way to create an entry with a video so that the video image automatically appears on the home page grid?

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi D-Luz, no not at the moment, 

  • philipp von schlechtleitner

    hi, i’ve been using your theme for a while now, but one thing has been bothering me since then:
    the featured pictures seem to change colour settings somehow. i don’t know how to change that, but it would be really important, because the colours seem really faded out and weak.
    anybody experienced the same problem?

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Philip, Can you email over some examples of the images that are the incorrect colour ? 

  • Antonio Alvarez

    Hi, I love this theme. Great work. I have a question. IOn all my posts i have a featured image. The download time on my wordpress is too slow because when i view it  my server load all images on full size. On Demo page i saw that load a small image on preview and load a big image when you click on post. How can i do that? Need i resize all images? And then, Need i to change any code? I don’t know how can i load a small image on preview and big one on post. I’m a rookie on wordpress. Thanks for all. Good job.

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Antonio, All new images should be resized automatically.
       To reduce the size of your existing images you can use a plugin like this one: 

      • Antonio Alvarez

         Thanks. But it not run. Need i activate any plugin? Any option on control panel?

  • zik

    Great theme!
    But one thing - how can i control the number of posts showing on the “home page”
    I would like to change to displaying endless posts and witout the “older post” option


    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Zik, You can change the number of posts under Settings -> Reading. 

      • Itsikbi1

        It worked
        Thank u for the quick respond

  • jk

    On the Demo the front page has text or captions before “read more >” link. All of my posts have text, yet the front page includes no text. Can you tell me, how I can add a caption/summary or part of the post article on the gridded post on the homepage. Thank you.

    • jk

      I figured it out! In “Screen Options” click on “Excerpts” and a new edit field will turn on.

      • Rafa

        Screen options under post?

  • Kevin Murray

    Is it possible to add social network icons to the header section (to the right of logo)?

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Kevin, not at the moment - you’ll need to edit the header.php file to do this. 

    • Kanakiyajay

      I have did it on my site

  • cat

    I was wondering if it is possible to separate a blog section from a portfolio section, while still keeping the ‘post-style’ layout (ie all the boxes) for the portfolio? I thought maybe I could do this using categories, so I still post portfolio items as I would a blog, but use selective categories that could be in the menu… the problem would be how to prevent portfolio items appearing in the blog? Might not be possible but any advice would be appreciated!

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Cat,

      You’ll need to setup a ‘custom post type’ to do this. 
      The custom post type UI plugin can help with this. 

  • mister popo

    Hello, i’m french so, sorry for my bad english.
    i just want to know, if it’s possible to custom the menu  for  drop down menus?
    really great theme! perfect for illustration!

  • Validemail


  • Hengkiardo

    I try open it on ipad, the demo showing like on mobile with the width container is smaller.

  • Vodkovaka

    Guys! Love this theme! Thank you so much!
    Have been looking for something like this. Found yours and decided to do our blog in WordPress (First timer) However, I don’t understand; It seems it does not read/load the css documents, and I have used hours trying to change the background colour, which is usually so simple. 
    1) Tried through CSS
    2) Tried changing images for the light theme to white.
    3) Played around with the PHP files.
    But can’t seem to get that white background; so frustrating when I know there must be a simple solution. (?) 
    Thank you again. Like a zillion thanks. You rule!

    • vodkovaka

      Here is a link to the site in question

      • katausii

        Re-installed the theme on the server for the 13th time and it worked (for the background)
        However, it looks like I’m cursed, as the site is not working as it should, with boxes scatttering all over.  (_?_)

        PS. Sorry to spam you by the way. Very, very greatful for the theme. Now I just need to get it to look as great as on the live demo.

        • dap

          how did you change the background? i’m spending all my life trying to do it.

          thx a lot!

          • Esben Gudbrandsen

             Just replace the bg.jpg djeezes

  • Raphael Routier

    hi everyone !
    first of all thanks a lot for this wonderful theme that will make a beautiful portfolio of mine. 
    I’m a new bee with wordpress and I’m not necessarily familiar with the process to build menus.

    I wondered how you guys did to have a main menu that indicates the categories above your site ?

    I know this question might not be as interesting as your complex jquerry stuff, but I really do need it to complete my portfolio and get a job. or I’m gonna starve. :-) )

    If you don’t have the time you may have a link….

    so thank you guys very much in advance, I hope you will answer me before I get too thin.

    • Esben Gudbrandsen

       You can add categories in the menu settings, this is wp settings and have nothing to do with the theme.

  • Anonymous

    Where would be a good place to put any right click protection on the images? 
    AutoFocus theme has it. Love this theme and am looking forward to switching to it on :)  

  • TCD

    Do I have to create my own logo, or is there a way for me to just change the word “Gridly” to my site’s name using the dashboard?

  • Thegreim

    Hi, I think there is a trouble with this theme. When you use the permanent link structure “/%category%/%postname%/” it adds a serial of numbers at the end of the url.

    I’ve checked out if it was a trouble of my .htaccess but with others themes don’t happen. 

  • msnyc

    simplest problem i can’t seem to solve… I’d like to modify my font selections but the default font-family selection is set to “inherit” in the CSS doc. Where is “inherit” defined so i can modify that?

  • Jim

    Wonderful wp theme, thank you guys.

    Could you please give some support adapting the infinite scroll plugin by Paul Irish ( or any other similar plugin to the theme?.

  • Al c

    Hi, great template, lovin it. 1 thing… how/ where can you change page header font size… nothing in CSS? thanks!

  • al c

    just search of server in wp-content . themes / gridly / images / and its the bg.jpeg in whatever your in light or dark etc.. replace it…

  • Kiko

    Hi, awesome template, this is exactly what I’ve looking for.
    I am with a doubt, where I’ll set the text that appear in the post before the link “view more”.

  • Drdmconsulting

    It says on the website “A free minimal & responsive portfolio theme ideal for graphic designers or photographers.”
    Can I use this theme for free on a commercial website that sells jewelery?Thank you for your time

  • James1006


    Why does the template align to the left, How do I center the whole template without it overwriting the widths ?


  • Takethedayhoff

    Nice them, but is there a manual? 

  • James1006

    Why does the template align to the left, How do I center the whole template without it overwriting the widths ?

    • Simond

       Yo james…. update the CSS

        #wrap {
          margin-top: 0px;
          margin-right: auto;
          margin-bottom: 0px;

  • Simon de la Salle

    Just a quick note to say, this theme is AWESOME… as a developer I love the simplicity, great starting point for grid style. love the mobile integration…. so important for themes these days. Keep up the good work!