MicroBlog Theme

A free Tumblr style WordPress theme ideal for Microblogging photos & video.


Published: 171 days ago

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  • fromtheold

    Very nice theme. Thanks for making it.



    This is really beautiful. I can´t wait for the responsive version. The free one :-)

  • Matt


  • Vesna Green

    It’s so beautiful, thank you.. I have it on my site (

  • Guest

    Fantastic theme! But the font colour is a bit too light for me. The CSS file is empty except for some meta stuff. How do I change the font colour?

  • Abvfx Em


  • Kuba

    Can I ask, how can I place photo without space between border and photo, like on your demo page. You can see my problem on It works with videos but not with pictures. Thanks

    • Eleven Themes

      Hey Kuba, You can use ‘Featured Images’ for this. 


      • Kuba

        Aggghr, silly me! Thanks :)

  • Ma0

    Thanks for the theme, how do I put picture right in the center,  when they are not only  ’Featured Images’?

  • Matt Bodell

    Fantastic theme. I have it installed on my site. I would pay for an upgraded version of this! Simple and easy!

  • Darusim Ws

    Awesome theme. One question, how do I change the favicon?

  • Anonymous

    Hi, i cant get my embedded vimeo video in the post on the homepost. I can see it when I go to the post in question.
    To see it in action:

  • Tzon Nto

    I know it might sound impolite or disrespectful, but can we remove the link to eleventhemes from the footer?

    • Eleven Themes

      Hi Tzon, Yes you can !

  • Ahmad

    Amazing theme thanks For sharing 

  • Robert

    This theme is simple and clean. I love how it focuses on content :) Thank you for sharing

  • Nick

    Is there a way to make the font color darker? I would like it to stand out against the background a little bit more. Thanks!

  • Mojeng

    How to install it to tumblr? Thanks!

    • Boy GaGa

      Today I start adoptating theme for Tumblr. When I’ll be have result, I notif you.

  • Guest

    Awesome theme, but how do you delete the logo on the sidebar? ;

  • Georg Bg

    Hi, I love your themes !

    I just use it for a simple personal portfolio website and now I use it for one of my projects.

    How can I place this image  as an logo above in the header ?

    Thanks !


  • Joe

    What is the default size so images can fit perfectly across the post with out leaving room for white space?

  • Recy

    How can you make it endless scroll?

  • smith

    can the functions.php be edited? It seems to error with the slightest adjustment.


  • Guest!

    I can’t see to download it. Dropbox points to a 404 error.

  • Benny

    I appreciate the effort that’s gone into making this theme – it’s very clean. But the back-end feels half-baked, even for a free theme. I’m looking forward to when this is more developed.

  • Mojca

    I can’t embed video in the post or even more in featured image. Any suggestion?

  • Dev

    The theme looks really neat and clean. Fantastic work.

  • LendingWanted

    hey, that’s really cute looking themes =) great job and thank you for sharing!